NOVA-CL Soccer Coronavirus Statement

In League News by Steve Jarriel

With league matches now taking place once again, the NOVA-CL Soccer Board recommends the following best practices to follow before, during, and after matches. All are intended to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus and limit the risks associated with playing soccer during the pandemic.

  • The league is adhering to guidance from the CDC as well as state and county health officials.
  • All play in the league is purely voluntarily with each individual assuming the all risks related to playing soccer during a pandemic.
  • Any players with known exposure through family, friends, or work will not be allowed to play.
  • No player with a fever or other symptoms shall be allowed to play.
  • Referees are not responsible for enforcing these recommendations. That duty lays with the captains and players.
  • Bring wipes and sanitizing wipes to the field.
  • Wipe down all game balls before and after the match. At halftime as well.
  • Masks are not required when playing; however, we strongly recommend wearing one when not playing.
  • Minimize coughing, spitting, and clearing of your sinuses when on the field, especially when others are nearby.
  • Cough and sneeze into your sleeve as you might if you had a cold or flu.
  • Ask your players detailed questions about their health and potential exposure to the virus.
  • The presence of spectators is strongly discouraged. If they attend, speak with them about social distancing and the importance of wearing masks.
  • Immediately depart the field when the match ends.

Important Note: We are figuring this out together. If you have other suggestions, please contact the league director.