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Match Forfeiture Policy

In Policies, Rules by Steve Jarriel

One of the primary drags on teams and players who honor their league obligations to show up each week, on-time, ready to play…..are teams and players who do not.

In addition to being disrespectful to the Game, players, and league, match cancellations and delayed starts also douse our ability to recruit quality referees, as they also are negatively impacted.

Correcting the issue is among the top priorities of the league. Please read the following to understand how this is being done.

  1. NOVA-CL now requires referees and/or assignors to report forfeitures which shall be recorded for each team.
  2. A match shall be forfeited if a team cancels due to non-weather related reasons (not enough guys, tournaments, work, etc.)
  3. All white division matches start at 8:30pm. A running clock starts at this time, with the match required to start no later than 8:45pm. If a team does not have 8-players by 8:45pm, it shall forfeit the match.
  4. If a team forfeits a match at the field, or within 24-hours of the scheduled start, it shall pay in-full the referee fee. 
  5. No referee fee shall be due for matches forfeited more than 24-hours of the scheduled start. However, the forfeiture shall still be associated with the team.
  6. Teams shall be allowed two forfeits in the course of a season. When a team forfeits its second match, it shall be placed on a watch list, remaining on the schedule and able to play.
  7. However, if a team forfeits a third match, it shall be immediately be removed from the schedule for the remainder of that, and future, seasons, with reinstatement only possible with appeal to the NOVA-CL Board and division captains.
  8. No forfeiture will be recorded match cancellations for the weekends of Memorial Day or July 4th (Spring season) or for Labor Day and Thanksgiving (Fall season).

While we all abhor the word “policy”, this post simply backs up a long-stated priority of the league: To play ball each week and start matches on-time.