All out soccer. All year around!

our history

NOVA-CL was formed in the mid-1970s to give its players the opportunity to play soccer for recreation, fitness and brotherhood. The league name lies in its origins. It was founded when soccer was just getting a foot hold in the United States. We wanted to give volunteer youth coaches the opportunity to play the game they loved. Hence, the "Coaches League" was born.

Decades later, the league now attracts highly skilled and fit players of all ages. However, the founding spirit of NOVA-CL lives on, as many players in the league coach or volunteer in other ways within area youth soccer clubs.

Another tradition has lived on as well, one that is both enticing and incredibly unique: NOVA-CL doesn't use nor require players cards. We like it that way, preferring to play ball versus manage the burden and cost of heavy league administration of games and players.

But don't misread our cavalier philosophy! Yes, we're less uptight off the field, but on it, our teams play a fast-paced, skilled, savvy brand of soccer.


    "Victory is in the quality of the competition, not just the final score."Mike Marshall

    For almost 40-years, Northern Virginia Coaches League Soccer (NOVA-CL) has offered adults the opportunity to play amateur soccer for recreation, fitness and the unmistakable bond that develops between players.

    Make no mistake though, ours is a competitive league. And sometimes games will get intense, heated and personal. Therefore, we believe sportsmanship must be embodied before a match begins – and practiced throughout it.

    Because NOVA-CL Soccer does not use player cards, it cannot monitor and track the sportsmanship of individual players. So it's up to each team to ensure its players (and squad as a whole) adhere to the league's sportsmanship expectations. Keep it competitive, keep it fun!



      NOVA-CL Soccer believes that the benefits of organized soccer are numerous. Our mission to provide adults with quality soccer matches that:

      • Promote fun, entertainment and satisfaction for all participants
      • Promote health and fitness through physical activity
      • Provide a safe environment through a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship

      NOVA-CL values the safety of players and referees, fairness in play, competition, and, governing all, respect for the game and game officials.

      We also value getting out there and kickin' it around without huge administrative burdens and bureaucratic oversight. That's why NOVA-CL has fewer formal registration requirements and less organizational structure than any other league you've ever played in.

      With limited league oversight, this balance requires a ongoing commitment by team managers, field captains, and players to embody and uphold the values outlined here