Grey Division: Goalie Safety

In League News, Policies by Steve Jarriel

At the request of a manager, we’ve been asked to post on goalie safety in the non-competitive Grey Division, which is primarily for over-30 players.

Per manager approval at the annual Sportsmanship Summit, the goalie can be anyone over 18; however, there are still a lot of teams that have goalies that are over 30, several  are 40+ years old.

Hence, this reminder that the goalie is the most vulnerable player on the field. So in the course of play, all field players should give the goalie’s safety utmost consideration. This means not running the goalie over on 50/50 balls, nor crashing into the goalie on corner kicks etc.

When we all in our 20’s – it was expected to make contact with goalie in certain situations, although that contact is almost always illegal. ¬† The issue now is that contact has significant potential to cause injuries to our goal keepers, an undesired outcome for a division where recreation, rather than wrecking balls, governs play.