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captain's responsibilites

    "Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being.
    With freedom comes responsibility."Eleanor Roosevelt

    The freedom to get out on there and play soccer without high costs and administrative hassles is what draws players to the Northern Virginia Coaches League soccer organization. However, with no player cards required and limited oversight by the league "front office," it falls upon captains to create (and maintain) a fair, sporting tenor during NOVA-CL matches.

    League Approved Referee Assignors


      schedule a ref

      Teams which play in the Northern Virginia Coaches League (NOVA-CL) are responsible for securing referees for their matches. This responsibility lays with the home team.

      For reasons outlined in detail here, teams are required to use our league-approved assignor.


      submit referee assessment

      Please use the link below to provide feedback on the referee performance in any NOVA-CL soccer match. In offering this tool, NOVA-CL recognizes that all submissions are highly subjective; however, your inputs give the league a basis to give our referees constructive observations about ways they may improve their performance.

      Submit Referee Assessment(All feedback held in strict confidence)